Valentine's Banquet
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Put together by the W.V.F.D. Febuary 12,2005. We were brought together to also celebrate the retirement of Mr."Nick" Nicholson as President of the Wren Volunteer Fire Department board and To show Thanks to all the local Fire Departments that assisted us during the loss of Mr. James Archer.

Febuary 12th,2005
Mr. Haney presenting a plaque to Mr. Nicholson
Three Wise Men
Terry Tucker, Alan Haney, & Jeff Minor
Ready to eat!
Charlotte & Wille
I need a nap!
I am full and now i need a nap...Mr. Ronald Archer
I Hope Alan knows what he is doing!
Wille and Kenny with Alan in the background working the grill cooking some awsome steaks!
You got to have an "ACE" in the hole!
Mr. A.C Green and Wren Fire Chief Dennis Renfro in the background.
Mr. Nick Retired from being president of the Wren Volunteer Fire Department Board Febuary 12th 2005.