Standing by at owners request
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This house caught on fire in 2005

This house originally caught on fire in the early part of 2005.We were able to save the house. About a week later at the owner's request we stood by for saftey reasons as they finished burning the house. We were on stand by just as observers this day. The first picture is the aftermath of the original house fire. We saved the house so the owner was able to retrieve personal items.The house was fully involved when our units got on the scene.No one was hurt.

The rest of the pictures were taken weeks later as the owners requested us to stand by as they finish the burn. 


Here is the aftermath of the original house fire.

Distant view

We stood by at the owner's request as the house burned

coming down fast

It didn't take long for the house to burn down once it started

a watchful eye

Watching over the fire making sure all was going safe

controling the situation


watching for problems

Making sure it doesn't get out of hand

On the ground

It didn't take long to burn down to the foundation

We do not do control burns but we did stand by this day at owners request and kept a watch over the situation as the house burned